Brace Yourself For The Spring Cleaning

I have no idea how can the house can become so dirty considering all the time and efforts I spend on cleaning. Every year is the same thing, although I thoroughly clean the entire house when spring comes I feel like I have lived in the most filthy place in the world. Therefore my question is how can your home stay cleaner longer? How To Prepare For The Big Cleaning? Unfortunately there is no way, your only choice is to hire a professional cleaning company but we’ll discuss this later. For now you have to make preparations for the big cleaning, which in the perfect case will take the whole weekend. You have to make a trip to the store and purchase all the necessary supplies. On order to be sure you won’t forget anything better make a list of all the needed things, I always do it.

Before you go to the store decide what cleaning products are you going to use commercial, Eco-friendly or homemade. I recommend the last one, but if you don’t feel like wasting time with preparing the solutions at least go for the green detergents. Do not use all purpose ones, because they’ll most certainly contain dangerous chemicals and if you find a label saying ‘trade secret’ run fast. Another thing you should consider is the rooms you’ll be needing the detergent for.

If you’re going to use it for three rooms get three bottles, and do the same for all the cleaning solutions. You should also get some basic supplies like protective gloves and mask, mop, brush, sponges etc. After you’re finished building your arsenal, head back home and distribute the detergents and tools in small boxes. One for each room so you don’t have to run from the bathroom to the kitchen for something. In order to ease the spring cleaning and save some time do some of the chores in advance like dusting the furniture, beating the area carpets and mats take care of the drain etc. By doing so you won’t feel like a rag after the spring cleaning. Of course there is another possibility of finishing fast with everything.}